A Palestinian flag was flown at University of Vermont, as a response to students flying an Israeli flag.

University of Vermont

After the Pittsburgh massacre, where 11 Jews were killed at the Tree of Life Synagogue, University of Vermont flew an Israeli flag in solidarity. This initiative was spearheaded by senior Aaron Goren, who is president of Catamounts Supporting Israel.

The Israeli flag was flown for a week and condemned by both Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and J Street, even though the latter proclaims to be Pro-Israel. J Street later removed the rebuke and apologized but still stated they were against “the occupation” in their apology.

The responsive Palestinian flag flown by SJP was accompanied by handmade signs with accusations against Israel. A university spokesman said that they were put up in violation of a policy against solicitation and removed, subsequently.

Goren commented about the Palestinian flag, that while SJP has the right to free speech, flying that flag was inflammatory. “It was accompanied by antisemitic signs, and was clearly part of a larger political response to the Israeli flag, which was never a political statement in the first place. It shows their true face.” J Street nor SJP commented.

What SJP (and J Street to a certain extent) have shown is that they have little respect for Jewish students by choosing such an inflammatory response to a Jewish movement of unity in light of the deadly Pittsburgh massacre.