Almost 40 percent of British Jewry would consider emigration under a Labour Government


According to a recent poll conducted by a British publication i.e. The Jewish Chronicle, nearly 40 percent of all Jews living within the United Kingdom would ‘seriously consider emigrating’ if Corbyn is ever elected as Prime Minister.

The JC poll is predictable considering the recent anti-Semitic turn of the British Labour Party.

Corbyn, who has been an outspoken critic of the State of Israel, entices fear among British Jewry akin to that of their neighbors in France, who are largely the sole target of the nations hate crimes.

According to one study, more than 100 anti-Semitic incidents are recorded every month in Britain, a substantial increase in comparison to the documented numbers of previous years.

The future looks bleak for European Jewry, and a mass-emigration from the Continent is becoming ever more likely with the recent upswing in anti-Semitic events.