Breaking: two separate Palestinian ramming threats neutralized by Israeli Border Police officers

An Israeli Border Police Unit courtesy, Wikimedia Commons.

Tuesday, December 8, 2018, Israeli border guards were attacked in two separate instances by what can only be presumed to be terrorism.

In the northern Jordan Valley, in the village of al-Jiftlik, Border Police officers, guarding Civil Administration troops in the process of destroying illegally built infrastructures, were forced to fire their weapons with warning shots into the air after a car allegedly rapidly approached towards them.  The 30-year-old Palestinian suspect subsequently came to a stop, was promptly arrested and taken in by Shin Bet for additional questioning.

The situation in the town of Idnha, right outside Hebron was much deadlier as Border Police officers standing guard for members of the Defense Ministry’s Civil Administration, who were participating in a crackdown of illegal garbage burning, killed their 27-year-old attacker, Omar Hassan al-Awawdeh.

Allegedly, al-Awawdeh drove through a security checkpoint, damaging a security vehicle, and then targeted a Border Police officer with his own car.  The police quickly drew their weapons and fatally neutralized the terrorist menace.

No Border Police officers were harmed during either incident.

As this story is breaking, we are awaiting more news regarding the subject.  Stay tuned and follow along here at King David’s Journal.