How the media fell in love with the Islamic Republic: An Infiltration Story


Recently, the Islamic Republic of Iran hosted Louis Farrakhan, the leader of Nation of Islam in the United States and a well-known anti-Semite.

During visit, the state media treated Farrakhan like royalty, and offered him one interview after another. In these interviews, Farrakhan praised the Islamic Republic and claimed that women in Iran are treated better and more fairly than the United States, and he criticized Trump’s policies towards the Islamic Republic.

This however, is not surprising to people who are familiar with the Islamic Republic, and Louis Farrakhan.

Anti-semitism is one of the pillars of the Islamic Republic, and the destruction of Israel has repeatedly been announced as the regime’s ultimate goal. So much so that the foreign branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard is named “Qods Force”, Qods being the Arabic name of Jerusalem, which reveals the idea behind its formation. The Islamic Republic has been a big supporter of Anti-Israeli sentiments around the world. The regime’s diplomats were among the first to spread hatred against “Zionists” instead of “Jews” for deniability.

Islamic Republic has also repeatedly denied -and often in more diplomatic tone, questioned- Holocaust openly. Even the supreme leader has Tweeted about it. Twitter of course is blocked by the regime for the Iranian people.

They even went as far as to organize the International Holocaust Cartoon Contest in which the idea of Holocaust was ridiculed. They have also organized several international Holocaust denial conferences. The most prominent guest of which in 2006, was none other than David Duke, the infamous grand Wizard of the KKK.

Of course, the Western mainstream media mostly kept silent about Farrakhan’s scandalous trip to Iran. Since the election of president Trump, the Islamic Republic’s international support network has received much more help from the Western mainstream media who put Trump-hatred above every other logic.

The media’s support of the Islamic Republic comes from their hatred of Trump, but also a historical feeling of kinship with the Anti-American message of the Islamic Republic. To them, the Islamic Republic is the underdog that is fighting against the Zionist oppressive regime of Israel and its puppet, the imperialist regime of the United States.

The fact that women in Iran have less rights than women in Saudi Arabia and are defined as second class citizen by the constitution, is completely irrelevant to their logic.

This by no means is the first time that the Western media has chosen ideology over integrity. In 1976, The New York Times published 66 articles on human rights abuses in Chile and only FOUR on Cambodia, where the communist Khmer Rouge had begun a murderous genocide that killed an estimated 2 million out of that nation’s 7.5 million people. The authors find no adequate explanation for this “extraordinary discrepancy”.

Some media, like The Guardian, have even gone as far as hiring former Islamic Republic propagandists, like Saeed Kamali Dehghan, as their “journalists and analysts” on Iran. Until recently, Saeed Kamali Dehghan was working for Fars News, the official propaganda machine of the Islamic Republic.

It was explained that Dehghan had got into trouble with the regime and had to leave the county, a tactic and a process known by the Iranian dissidents as “Islamic Republic produced opposition”. He regularly writes articles in support of the Islamic Republic’s narrative, and funny enough, Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic in an interview referred to him as “our journalist” by mistake, which he corrected quickly. BBC Persian still employs vehement supporters of the Islamic Republic like Masoud Behnoud.

But that’s not all. Exactly one month before the Iranian uprising of January of 2018, in which big cities and small towns across the country rose up and rejected the Islamic Republic in its entirety, Thomas Erdbrink of the New York Times wrote an article “Long Divided Iran Unites Against Trump and Saudis in a Nationalist Fervor”, and one month later, the Iranian people had the audacity to say no the regime that has enslaved them, without any regard for Mr. Erdbrink’s anti-Trump sentiments and dreams.

Obviously, the writer used his Islamic Republic propagandist connections as inspiration for such work of fiction, but New York Times was not alone. A little after the uprisings, when people were being killed in the streets and arrested in mass numbers, not two, not three, but four writers (in cooperation with 2 reporters) at Reuters decided to write an article blaming Trump for creating anti-regime sentiments among the hungry, thirsty, and oppressed people!

But the anti-Semitic and anti-American web of the Islamic Republic does not end with the Western media. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labor party, used to work as an analyst for the Press TV, the state-owned international propaganda media of the Islamic Republic. Considering his warm support of Hamas and Hezbollah and the clear rise of Anti-Semitism within the labor party, the media might want to reconsider in giving him and his party free Anti-Semitism passes one after the other. We will not bring up Justin Trudeau’s brother in this article.

The Western left, in its safe-loathing and search for a cause to fight for, has become a puppet of the Islamic Republic, to such a sad and ridiculous point that the leader of one of the most intolerant regimes on earth, Ayatollah Khamenei, tweets about black lives matters and ridiculously enough #metoo, while he incarcerates and executes Baha’is legally for being Baha’is, and the Kurd, and Baluch, and Sunnis… and women are defined as second class citizens by the constitution. But the Irony is completely lost on the progressive media.