Paraschis: Celebrating the Greco-Cypriot-Israeli Friendship

An alliance between Greece, Israel, and Cyprus

Greece-Cyprus-Israel’s cooperation forum and alliance continue to solidify the cultural bonds between the Greeks and Israel.

Despite a tense climate in the Eastern Mediterranean, there is still a promising future.  The relationship between Greece, Cyprus, and Israel continues to prosper.  Each democracy is seriously pursuing closer, cultural, political and military ties to maintain their roles as pillars of stability in the region.

The common history behind the Greeks and Jews is steeped in history, with relations between them and Cyprus continuing in a much more modern context.  Not only in diplomacy but on social media platforms like the Greece-Cyprus-Israel Facebook group.  From the ancient Greco-Roman world to today’s trilateral cooperation agreement, there is positive and everlasting cooperation.

The enduring friendship includes joint military operations, and, with the discovery of hydrocarbon reserves in Greece, Cyprus, and Israel’s Exclusive Economic Zones, there has also been cooperation on natural resources in the area.

The energy collaboration between the three states will lead to a $7 billion alternative underwater gas route starting from Israel and linking to Cyprus, Greece, and Italy where European markets will have access to the hydrocarbon market.

The Eastern Mediterranean alliance is further celebrated by increased tourism of Greeks, Cypriots, and Israelis visiting each other’s countries.  Additionally, there is also a rising awareness of the Jewish historical presence in Greece, particularly in the municipality of Thessaloniki.

See Prime Minister Netanyahu’s remarks at the last Israel-Cyprus-Greece trilateral in December, 2018: