Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Paraschis: Celebrating the Greco-Cypriot-Israeli Friendship

Despite a tense climate in the Eastern Mediterranean, there is still a promising future.  The relationship between Greece, Cyprus, and Israel continues to prosper.  Each democracy is seriously pursuing closer, cultural, political and military ties to maintain their roles as pillars of stability in the region.

Twitter users troll The Forward after announcing end of print run

So, just to recap, literature about a liberal world order and the claims of U.S. President Trump inherently harmful to Israeli interests after recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s sovereign Capitol will no longer be available in The Forward's print, but you can always get your fix of progressive news on The Forward’s online platform where administration plans to upkeep its English and Yiddish-editions.

We must stop the normalization of Anti-Semitism.

While it might seem obvious to say that the lessons of the Holocaust still need to be taught, it’s not easy to fight today’s anti-Semitism, wherever it may appear.

The Next Phase of Zionism

Zionism, as the world's first indigenous victory, is a revolutionary movement. The next step is to help other oppressed aboriginal peoples regain their autonomy.

Lessons from the Collapse of the Israeli Labor Party

Israel's major left-wing party has at last faded into irrelevance. The world should learn from this event and adapt accordingly.

Political Profile: Joel Etienne, Jewish, Conservative in York Centre

He has volunteered for, and played important roles in, the political campaigns of Doug Ford, Rob Ford, Bernie Tanz, Maureen Harquail, Joe Oliver, Michael Mostyn and many others.

Japan increases investment in Israel, in midst of negotiating free-trade agreement

“There’s been a tremendous increase in Japanese investments in Israel. In the last few years, the growth of Japanese investments in Israel has been 120 times,” said Netanyahu. “Last time I spoke, it was 44 times. It grows in astronomic rate. Actually, $5 billion today, but it is growing very rapidly.”

The Unknown Nazi Who Saved 1,200 Jews

This true story was about an unknown Schindler-type character, Nazi Major Karl Plagge, who oversaw a military vehicle repair complex that was used as cover to save 1,257 Jews in Vilnius (Vilna.)

Bennett confident he can take votes from Gantz, Lapid

The New Right has also decided to refrain, for now, from attacks on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud. Bennett explained to his New Right cohort that Netanyahu was not taking aim at the New Right because he understood that the support from the party, which has committed to backing Netanyahu as prime minister in the next government, was vital for him to win.

Kirkuk and Jerusalem: Cases of Chauvinist Settler-Colonialism

Kirkuk and Jerusalem--the two central cities for the Kurds and Jews--have been under settler-colonial assault by Arab leadership in Iraq & the Palestinian Territories.