Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Paraschis: Celebrating the Greco-Cypriot-Israeli Friendship

Despite a tense climate in the Eastern Mediterranean, there is still a promising future.  The relationship between Greece, Cyprus, and Israel continues to prosper.  Each democracy is seriously pursuing closer, cultural, political and military ties to maintain their roles as pillars of stability in the region.

We must stop the normalization of Anti-Semitism.

While it might seem obvious to say that the lessons of the Holocaust still need to be taught, it’s not easy to fight today’s anti-Semitism, wherever it may appear.

Im Tirtzu: Following Outcry, Hebrew University Issues Rare Pro-IDF Ad  

The university has faced sharp blowback over the incident, with many calling on the university to dismiss Dr. Hilfrich. In the days following the incident, over 45,000 emails were sent at the initiative the Zionist organization Im Tirtzu to the university administration, calling on them to formally apologize and dismiss the professor.

Marks: DNA testing companies should indicate diaspora Jewry as Israeli

It is a mistake to associate host countries and populations in the Diaspora with the origin of Diaspora Jewish communities. The ethnogenesis of the Jewish people was in the Land of Israel and any non-Jewish admixture picked up in the Diaspora or cultural and religious traditions added to Judaism are irrelevant as they occurred after this seminal event in the Land of Israel that created the Jewish nation.

Meir (Im Tirtzu): Another Hard Left Turn for Hebrew University

Instead of enabling and turning a blind eye to countless acts of anti-Israel activity, it would behoove the university to crack down on politicization and inciting anti-Zionist activity on its campus.

‎’If we could, we would have removed Gabbay long ago,’ Labor...

Yachimovich said she ‎would work to galvanize the opposition, ‎adding, “We will work together toward the goal of replacing the ‎government with one that pursues peace, fights socio-economic ‎gaps and respects democracy and the rule of law.”‎

Israel forms new battalion to fight Hezbollah

The new battalion – named Shaarei Ha’esh, “Gates of Fire” – will specialize in fighting the Iranian-backed Shiite terror group in the Galilee and protecting local residents and military posts close to Lebanon, as well as attacking Hezbollah inside of Lebanon.

Im Tirtzu: “Such acts against uniformed soldiers cannot be tolerated.”

An incident transpiring at the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem made headlines when professor Dr. Carola Hilfrich, a senior lecturer, slammed a student for complaining about being scrutinized by an Arab colleague for wearing their military uniform in the classroom.  

Zionist Union splits amid surprise announcement from Labor party chairman

Both Gabbay and Livni are rumored to be attempting to form partnerships with the newly-registered Israel Resilience party, founded by former IDF chief of staff and political newcomer Benny Gantz, who is polling strongly.

Israel announces that it is officially leaving UNESCO

“Israel will not be part of a body that continually rewrites history, including by erasing the Jewish connection to Jerusalem,” Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon told JNS. “UNESCO is manipulated by Israel’s enemies and continually singles out the Jewish state for condemnation.”