Take your fake “resistance” and shove it deep: the Ofra shooting

Scene of drive-by Ofra bus stop shooting.


Resistance.  That’s what they claim it is.

A bus stop in Ofra, West Bank, Israel was savagely attacked by Palestinian terrorists in a drive-by shooting. One lady, Shira Ish-Ran remains in critical condition, and though the doctors managed to save her premature baby through a cesarean procedure, the baby’s condition worsened and, unfortunately, the four-day-old boy passed.  The infant was laid to rest by the family and named Amiad Israel, signifying that the people of Israel will be in their land forever. Six other people were gravely injured by these vile aggressors.

Footage of the attack can be seen here, courtesy of Times of Israel for the clip:

Does this clip look like anyone was being oppressed?  Is there any reason why these Palestinians, in the name of “resistance” are shooting a pregnant woman and six other innocent people?

The “claim” that Palestinians are “resisting occupation” is an absolute fallacy.  It’s full of garbage.  Shooting a pregnant woman at a bus stop is not “resistance”, it is terrorism. What in the Lord’s Righteous Name is wrong with these people?  Naturally, Hamas and other Palestinians celebrate the harm they cause, calling the attacker “heroic”.

They did not target military servicemen, they did not target Israeli defence weaponry, they targeted innocent men, women, and children at a bus stop.  What makes this heroic?

And then, Al-Jazeera politicizes the shooting by referring to the innocent Israeli victims as “Jewish settlers”.

A brief history of ‘national identity’

As Dr. Mordechai Kedar suggests, the land of Israel was cultivated by Jewish civilizations and was home to organized kingdoms for thousands of years, while at the same time the Ishmaelites, who did not yet identify as Muslim for another few thousand years, were still roaming the desert as a nomadic people, praising idols, burying their daughters alive, and drinking alcohol.

Without going into too much historical detail, the Palestinian national identity only developed as of recent (the late ‘60’s, the early ‘70’s) and was composed of mainly Egyptian and Jordanian patriots.

Walid Shoebat, a former member of the Palestine Liberation Organization and now a staunch advocate for Israel, suggests, when the Jews came back to Jerusalem, the Palestinians removed the star from the Jordanian flag and became Palestinian overnight, in 1967.  Therefore, in consideration of the historically accurate facts, the notion that these “Palestinians” are the indigenous people of Israel is asinine.

Despite incessant terrorist attacks, incitement, and blood libels in the Middle East, which factored into the causes of civil war in Lebanon, Israelis insisted on adopting the Palestinians as refugees in their own backyards.  

In an effort to administer civility, Israelis were met with brutal Intifadas. It was no different when Israelis managed a deal to concede land for peace.  In 2005, the Israeli government, with the assistance of the Israeli Defense Forces, forcefully evacuated its own people from Gaza and provided Palestinians with hospitals, prayer institutions, schools, greenhouses, and other pertinent infrastructures.  Then: another deadly Intifada. 

Sadly, the West Bank became a hotbed for extremism, violence, and intolerance, including the imposition of a “modesty police”, forcing children to undergo rigorous militia-like training simulations in “summer camps” where children are taught Hamas’ violent ideology to kill Jews, the stripping of metals from pertinent Israeli-established infrastructures to create rockets, and the involvement of children in the digging of terror tunnels.

As Shufutinsky claims, these people are nothing but appropriators, even the name of their barely 50-year old national identity suggests this as the root of Palestine comes from the Roman name for conquered Israel, Philistine, the ancient enemy of the Israelites, the Philistines.  The Arab body in the territories is creating a national identity based on violence against Israelis.  Each Palestinian leadership group’s mandate includes the annihilation of the Jews from their own ancestral homeland.

Annihilation of Jews from Israel is what they want

Why is it that after thousands of years of slaughtering the Jewish people, the indigenous people to Israel are not even allowed to wait for a bus without being harmed by terrorism?

How is it that we are still stuck in the stone ages where Palestinians are jailed or killed for performing business transactions with Jews or helping Israelis change tires, but are celebrated for wreaking massive havoc and murdering, or attempting to murder, innocent pregnant women?  Where is the justice in incentivizing terrorism through Iranian- or Palestinian Authority-backed funding that should be going to some sort of welfare program to help their truly oppressed (by their own government) “citizenry”?

As long as the mandate of the PA, Fatah, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations that rule the so-called “Palestinians” call for the annihilation of Jews and Christians from the Middle East, akin to their colonial earlier century patriarchs, there can never be peace in the Middle East. Aggressive, dangerous Palestinians and other pro-Palestinian actors can take their fake “resistance” and shove it.

A manhunt for these savages is underway, by the Israeli government, and one terrorist involved, identified as a West Bank Hamas leader’s son: Salih Barghouti (unrelated to the BDS founder), was finally found and killed by the IDF after days-long searches by security forces.

According to Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, the terrorist attempted to harm security forces in an attempt to flee the scene but was swiftly apprehended and fatally neutralized.

One thing is most certainly clear, this isn’t about “settlements” or even the land itself, it’s about the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel.

This story is being updated as new information is revealed.