Update: Terror in Strasbourg, France

Christmas Market Terrorist Crime Scene, screenshot from the France 24 clip at the end of the article.

UPDATE: After a two-day-long manhunt for the suspected terrorist, authorities in France are reporting that the shooter has been apprehended after more than 700 police and other security forces personnel endeavoured to find the radical perpetrator.

France — Three or four people have been killed and eleven to twelve others wounded in a terrorist shooting attack after a gunman opened fire in close proximity to a Christmas Market near Place Kléber in Strasbourg, France.

The city was put into maximum alert.

The French Interior Minister, Christophe Castaner Tweeted, “Tonight, my first thoughts are obviously with the victims, their families, and the people close to them. Our security forces are wholly mobilized in order to completely neutralize the assailant. #Strasbourg”

The original Tweet, in French, can be seen here below. The Tweet also has a clip attached with a statement by Castaner where he explains the situation, the times of the attack, the law enforcement authorities and public servants involved in the situation, as well as the fact that security forces were in two firefights with the perpetrator. Additionally, Castaner explains to the public that there are 350 people on the ground currently on the manhunt for this terrorist. Lastly, the Interior Minister thanks all of the public servants for their assistance.

The assailant, Cherif Chekatt, 29-years-of-age, was marked down with an S as a potential security risk by French authorities. S, which is an abbreviation for “Sûreté de l’État”, translates to National Security. Chekatt allegedly maintained ties to terrorist organizations and terrorists. Castaner further alleges that that Chekatt is known “very unfavourably”, having been previously condemned by France and Germany over legal matters.

Although it has not been confirmed by any major credible news sources, it is being reported that Chekatt was linked to a robbery in which police raided his home and found four grenades. Furthermore, some sources claim that Chekatt has been wounded.

The manhunt continues.

The following video below can be seen for more info: