The False Equivalence Between Criticism of George Soros, Globalism, and Anti-Semitism


There has been a lot of noise coming from progressive social-justice circles recently, utilizing the claim that criticism of George Soros and Globalism are anti-Semitic slurs.

As amusing as it is to see people who have trouble finding the faults in a Louis Farrakhan speech suddenly concerned about anti-Semitism, I am of the contrary opinion. Rather, criticism of Soros and Globalism encompasses characteristics of philo-Semitism.

First off, we must define the term Globalism. Globalism as defined by Meriam-Webster, is a national policy of treating the whole world as a proper sphere for political influence.

It is essentially, countries forgoing their own national interests in favour of global interests.

The best examples of globalist policies are open boarders and implementing UN dictates on a national level.

It should be noted, that Globalism as a philosophy does share certain similarities with traditional anti-Semitic conspiracies. For centuries, anti-Semites have complained that there is a shadowy cabal of Jews pulling the strings of world governments for their own purposes. Globalists want a less shadowy cabal of elites at the UN or something like it making policy for the world’s governments, who presumably can’t be trusted to make virtuous decisions.

It is easy to see how the comparison got made.  In my experience it is very easy to tell the difference between anti-Semitism and a critique of Globalism.   Usually an anti-Semite will profess “Globalist” when they clearly mean Jew, and furthermore, they give you the 3 brackets to clear up any confusion of their intent.

What gets lost in this conversation is that most Globalists focus a lot of their energy trying to undermine the only Jewish state in the world, Israel.

In fact, the notion of Zionism (Jewish nationalism in Israel) is diametrically opposed to Globalism.

This is evident by means of the UN security council’s dedication to sanctioning and condemning Israel.  According to the biggest Globalist entity, the United Nations, Israel is more damaging to international affairs than every other country in the world combined. Yet, Israel is the only nation in the Middle East where Muslims, Christians, and Jews enjoy freedom of speech and religion.

Zionism is Jewish nationalism.  It proclaims that Jews should have the right to self determination in Israel.

Yet, even more so, the most deranged claim the political Left has made in recent years is actually: Accusing criticism of George Soros as anti-Semitic.

If you are new to lazy politics, and are on the left, everything you don’t like is because of a nefarious plot by the Koch brothers.  If you are lazy and right-wing, substitute in the name George Soros.

Let’s do away with the most basic counter i.e., that criticism of an individual does not necessarily mean criticism of everyone in the sociological group they belong to.

Now George Soros is technically apart of the Jewish People.  He was born to a Jewish mother, and we don’t really have an opt out clause.  However, the man has led a questionable life in relation to his Judaism.

This is a man who started his rise to wealth and power by collaborating with the Nazis. A fact that he has never apologized for and continues to look back at fondly.

Not only did he help perpetrate the worst catastrophe in Jewish history, but he has spent the next 70+ years spending billions of dollars trying to undermine the state of Israel.

Since the horrific shooting in Pittsburgh the Western World has spent a lot of time discussing what is or is not anti-Semitism, and these false accusations to protect personal political beliefs are not helping.

We live in such a world that when a madman goes into a synagogue with a gun and shouts, “kill all the Jews” and subsequently opens fire, we all unequivocally and correctly recognize this as anti-Semitism.

Yet when a political party such as Hamas is formed, and their Constitutional Charter advocates for the murder of the entire Jewish People, while their leaders appear on national television urging their citizens to destroy the lone Jewish State, only half of us are willing to deem this anti-Semitism.

Even more so, Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party in the UK calls this behavior “fighting for peace and Social Justice”.