Trump out of the Middle East? Perhaps not yet.

(From left to right) President Donald J. Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham

(December 31, 2018 / KDJ)  

The left and right on Trump’s Syria Pull-out

The situation in the Middle East has always been severely tense.  

Our Western civilization has become normalized to the term “suicide bomber” in the Middle East, as well as having become entirely desensitized towards the violence currently plaguing the Levant.

On the foreign front, leftist political bodies in the United States have usually been relatively staunch in their anti-war assertions, vocalizing their displeasure with having American troops overseas.  The right is considered to be far more hawkish, standing with their deployed men and women against the forces of evil that do not just threaten the East, but the West as well. There is also a situation relating to the Kurds which has become a bipartisan subject.

Both the left and right are going nuts from US President Trump’s decision to pull American soldiers out of Syria.

Just to put it into context even Noam Chomsky, the anti-war progressive icon, is making headlines in vocalizing his support for Americans in the Middle East.

It’s well understood that the job just isn’t done yet. Leaving Syria and ISIS still not completely vanquished is just going to leave a vacuum for them to rearm themselves and retake control of key geographical military positions.  

Besides the Kurdish dilemma, there are also concerns about the treatment of Yazidis who harshly suffer brutal mistreatment by ISIS. This includes forced displacement, enslavement and mass slaughter.

One of the more significant consequences emanating from Trump’s announcement is the resignation of US Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Possible reconsideration

In a shocking revelation, which could turn out to be a huge bipartisan win, it is now rumoured that Trump may actually be reconsidering the plans to withdraw from Syria.

Following a two-hour lunch with the President, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has hinted that he may have convinced President Trump to reconsider the United States’ position in the region.

“I get it.  We’re not the policemen of the world here,” Senator Graham explains.

A close adviser in the President’s administration, Kellyanne Conway, has also indicated that a closed-door meeting Trump held in Iraq could very possibly verify these rumours.

With conflicts arising from: ISIS, Iran, Turkey, the plight of the Kurdish and Yezidi peoples, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Russian presence in the Middle East and many more geopolitical issues in the region, once again, it seems the no-nonsense all-American Sheriff needs to come in and straighten things out.