Twitter users troll The Forward after announcing end of print run

Sarsour kissing Trollface: The Forward frequently hosts far-left Linda Sarsour advocates.

(January 31, 2019 / KDJ)

The Forward announces the end of its print-run

The Forward, the candidly left-wing progressive Jewish magazine is stopping the production of its physical copies after 121-years in print.  According to one source from the New York Post, it looks like this might just be what the magazine needs as it has recently garnered very little revenue and is losing more than $5-million yearly.

The online column frequently publishes journalists that harbour far-left social justice values.  These writers cling to some form of Jewish affiliation to undermine core Jewish values, to, ultimately, tarnish Israel’s Jewish reputation and delegitimize Her peoples’ history.

One writer, Nylah Burton, is famous for gripping onto Judaism while simultaneously casting judgement on her so-called fellow Jews based on their skin complexions.  Another writer, Carmen Perez, is a Women’s March co-chair who authors an article explaining why Jews should join the march.  Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory are leaders of the Women’s March.  Need to hear more about the march’s ultra-progressive anti-Israel bigotry?  Just the thought of the names Sarsour, Mallory, and Farrakhan in the same sentence could make the staunchest of left-wing Jewry shudder.

So, just to recap, literature about a liberal world order and the claims of U.S. President Trump inherently harmful to Israeli interests after recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s sovereign Capitol will no longer be available in The Forward’s print, but you can always get your fix of progressive news on The Forward’s online platform where administration plans to upkeep its English and Yiddish-editions.

The company’s CEO and publisher, Rachel Fishman Feddersen insists that the magazine’s fate is due to the circumstances of trying to make The Forward’s “brand more relevant to our readers and more connected to their lives.”  Subsequently, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Jane Eisner, along with approximately 40 percent of its editorial staff are planned to be laid off.  The Forward will finish moving from physical copies to going exclusively-digital by this spring.

Trolling The Forward

The Forward solicited their digital focus on their Twitter account.  Their tweet never did well.  On top of the fact that it stimulated very little engagement, almost all of the replies heavily trolled The Forward.

The Twitter users were ruthless, see the original tweet and the replies below:

One user even referred to the magazine org as kapos, as in the Nazi party prisoner functionaries.  And then someone else replied to that tweet with another that refers to Peter Beinart, a writer for The Forward who defended Palestinian terror against Israelis.

Perhaps The Forward’s change to digital was the right idea after all.  While at one point in time the company had approximately 275,000 magazines in circulation, soon it will have none.  While KDJ does not have the specifics, we can only speculate that, given the information we’ve gathered, The Forward’s fanbase is getting older and newer fans are about the online.

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