Iran Must Stop Arming Hezbollah

Israel is threatened from multiple fronts. The new US sanctions on Iran might appear to be the rays of hope Israelis have been hoping for, for their own national security.

IDF Soldier Raiding a Secret Hezbollah Bunker, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Targeting Israel

Over the last few weeks, Hezbollah, a heavily Iranian-funded terror group based in Lebanon was reported to have acquired sophisticated GPS technologies, from Iran, that can be attached to their missiles. These precision-guided missiles are detrimental to Israel’s security.

The IDF has, for the better part, halted a two-year long endeavour to destroy such weapons before they reach terrorists’ hands. The imperfect Iron Dome system sometimes misses rockets, which end up landing in Israel, causing environmental damage as well as death. Technology is a sophisticated and intriguing part of humanity. In this case, it is being used to bypass the Iron Dome tech and target innocent civilians in Israel.

Exposing the Iranian Hypocrisy and Slapping Sanctions Back

In his last speech at the United Nations General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed intel demonstrating Iranian efforts to construct three major military installations in Lebanon for their state-funded terror proxy organization.

In accordance with Israel to keep Iran on a tighter leash, United States President Donald Trump reinstated sanctions on the regime.

“We’ll see what happens with Iran. But they’re not doing very well,” the president said on Sunday, emphasizing America’s commitment to the most rigid of sanctions ever imposed on Iran.

In the meantime, Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei flaunted a victory to his citizens, accusing the United States of being defeated, after Trump reimposed sanctions.  Khamenei failed to mention, throughout his victory speech, how these sanctions directly impact significant national industries such as banking, shipbuilding, and shipping, but most importantly Iran’s oil and gas sectors as well.

Hamas, You’re Next

What is even more promising for Israel’s future is that the harsher sanctions that strangle Iran enable the United States to more easily target Iranian influence on both Hezbollah and Hamas, a terror organization that operates out of the Palestinian territories, in two key fashions.

Brian Hook, President Trump’s envoy on Iran, spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu on 15 November 2018, Hook clarified that the new sanctions meant that the US would be able to better deal with Iran’s missile proliferation as well as stem the regime’s cash flow to Hamas and Hezbollah.

Hook then turned to Netanyahu and declared Israel as a “fantastic and committed partner in this endeavour.”

Watch the graceful exchange between Netanyahu and Hook in the Tweet below by the US Embassy to Jerusalem: