Why the Chadian President’s Visit to Israel is a Really Big Deal


Not just a big deal, but a really big deal. Here are your Top Ten reasons:

  1. It has historic significance as the first official visitof a Chadian head of state to Israel.
  2. President Idriss Déby travelled to Jerusalemto be received by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  3. Déby announced that Chad, a Muslim country using Arabic as its official language, will re-establish diplomatic relations with Israel after a 46-year hiatus.
  4. This comes one week after Oman called Israel “a fact of life in the Middle East”.
  5. It gives momentum to Netanyahu’s newly announced plans to visit Bahrain.
  6. Déby stated Chad’s interest in agricultural cooperation with Israel and can benefit from Israel’s cutting-edge world-class water management technology.
  7. His visit points towards realizing the potential for increased connections between Israel and Africa, and between Israel and Muslim countries.
  8. It signifies a continuing shift in East African geopolitics, moving Chad into greater alignment Israel, Egypt, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia, as against the Qatar-Somalia-Sudan-Turkey bloc.
  9. It reinforces Netanyahu’s work to establish relations with both Bahrain and Sudan.
  10. It thus adds Chad to Ethiopia as one of the countries “in play” in the region, with Eritrea and Somaliland aligned with the Israel-Egypt group, while Somalia and Sudan are already oriented with the Qatar-Turkey bloc.

So yes, not just a big deal, but a really big deal.